>Beaded Armband Sets for Women & Men!!!


Hi everyone,

This week at Studio Sidhe I am pleased to announce the release of a new range of beaded armbands for both woman and men.

The armband sets feature:

* Seadbeading – which I made myself! *puffs out chest proudly* =D
* Prim thong ties with flexi thonging
* Semi-precious bead fastener to match the beading
* Armands for both left and right upper arms
* Bracelets for both left and right upper arms
* SIX beading designs to choose from
* Copy/Mod (so please make a copy of each before you start making adjustments)

Each Set is 125L with Fat Packs available for both woman and mens ranges and are available in world at our main store

Have fun!


P.S. A good friend of Studio Sidhe suggested that I mention that the Charcole Thai Silk Cami that I am wearing in the pics is also a product of ours and is available in world for 50L. Heehee, Thanks Casandra!!! I love customer feedback and do appreciate it! =D


3 thoughts on “>Beaded Armband Sets for Women & Men!!!

  1. >I’m not brilliant! You take that back! Them’s fightin’ words! *wads up her hands into fists and swings wildly* C’mere you! Stand still! I’ll show you brilliant!(Thanks for the compliment, it’s appreciated, but… eh. Brilliance is a matter of perspective. Except in Fally’s case. SHE is BRILLIANT. I am simply nuts. 😀 )Happy Thanksgiving :DSimone!

  2. >You REALLY wanna throw down with a faery Simone??? heehee I’ll take ya! LOLOL Yay for being nuts!!! It’s the best way to be ;o) Happy thanks giving to you and all of the americans… the thing to be really thankful for is that god put Aussies on the planet!!! woot!

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