>Studio Sidhe Joins the Autism Speaks in Second Life Campaign

Ok, so last week end I was supposed to hold my Grand Opening for my new store at Alpha Centauri, but due to technical difficulties had to postpone it until this weekend… LUCKILY! It was so one of those “meant to be” things, because during the week I found out about this wonderful cause that Daphne Molinari has bought to SL; Autism Speaks in Second Life.

Since reading Daphne’s blog and contacting her, I have been busy setting up a combined event to both celebrate the opening of my new mainstore and raise funds for Autism Speaks. We will be holding a scavenger hunt at our new store tonight, Friday at 5pm SLT. The event will run for two hours and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks =D.

You’ll find a Kiosk at the store which allows you to donate directly to Autism Speaks in SL. We have also made a t-shirt to promote this cause (see pics) in two different versions. ALL of the money raised from the sale of the t-shirts will go to this cause AND we’ve also made a Free placard with sign hold animation and script to link you up with the Autism speaks website, so you can show your support and help to spread the word!

Now for the scavenger hunt details!:
You’ll be looking for boxes, each one containing a store card valued at between $10L and $300L. (see pic)

How it works:

We hope to see you there, it’s going to be fun, we’ll be raising money for a great cause AND you get to check out my new shop! LOL
Take care,



One thought on “>Studio Sidhe Joins the Autism Speaks in Second Life Campaign

  1. >Awesome job on the items you sent me for this event! Thank you so much for this, I have to work but will try my hardest to get over there if I can find a connection to get in world!! *hugs* See…Autism speaks, we’re listening!!!

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