>Studio Sidhe Grand Reopening THIS Saturday!!!


~You are cordially invited to the Grand Reopening of Studio Sidhe~

We are proud to present a brand new store and look for Studio Sidhe!

As you may be aware, we have been working hard the last few weeks to create a new store that is fun, interesting and more reflective of the proprietor, Faery Sola. We’ve joined forces with Elemental Forestry to create a truly unique experience for you 🙂

The build itself is influenced by a number of sources; and we’ve arrived at something that IS very fae with something for everyone.

Please join us on Saturday 3pm slt for the celebrations, we will be having a dj, dancing, a new group gift, new releases AND a 50% store card sale!

Deilia Devin of Elemental Forestry is also setting her creations for sale for this 24 hr period so please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to familiarise yourself and perhaps buy some of her stunning work which you will find incorporated through out the store and in our garden section (just click the mushroom marked “garden” to TP to her vendors!)

Thank you for your continued support of the journey that is Studio Sidhe, we would love to see you there. You can come for a sneak peak at our main store HERE.


~ Faery Sola~

P.S. News about our new releases coming SOON!


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