>:+:SS:+: Happy Bead Jewellery Collection


My new release is quite a large one for me and it’s a bit of a story! LOL

One thing that I love to do when I just want some down time is to go into PS and randomly experiment with textures, styles and filters… That’s what I do. I had hatched onto an idea that I would like to make some very bright happy glass bead textures and came up with the beads that you see above.

I first made the Happy bracelet as a bit of fun and to see how my textures looked in world, pleased with the results I sent them to all my friends (as you do!). They got a great reception and everyone really liked my little bracelet.

One of my friends however, Shelly, said something along the lines of “now Fae you need to make a necklace, and earrings!”. So I procrastinated, as I am relatively new to jewellery making and went back into PS for some more playing with textures and came up with a platted leather texture and made the Bliss bracelet… which I also sent around to my mates heehee. Shelly is VERY persistent, and in the end, I made the necklace, earrings, and the navel piercing for her to match the set that she wore throughout the process… I also at her suggestion made all the varieties of beads in their own sets.
In the end I am very happy with the results, the jewellery comes in Rainbow, Sunset, Sea Breeze, Carnival, Ocean and Aladdin. I have named each jewellery piece for the enjoyment I got in making them, and am really ah, dare I say it?…Happy with the results!

I want to thank Shelly Toonie for INSISTING on all the pieces, she’s lovely, a great mate and as all great mates should be… always pushing me to extend myself ☺

I hope you enjoy these pieces, they are fun as they where intended to be. You can pick them up at our main store or OnRez.




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