>:+:SS:+: FUN FUN FUN @ Studio Sidhe!!! – Alphabet Beads!!!


This one is for the ladies and the men who like to have some fun!

The beads are scripted so you can choose your own letters from the drop down menu and even changed the colours… just what you need in alphabet beads, so you can spell out whatever you’d like to 😀

I’d like to thank HeZkeZl Slade, who is a mad scripting genius and a good mate, for helping with this one! Anyone who knows me, knows that I nearly go fetal at the very thought of scripting anything… Hez was wonderful, helped me problem solve and fixed things so that these beads could changed between 30 textures! (no easy feat!!!)

If you’re ever looking for a scripter or some great gadgets I highly recommend him, check out [Hez] Showroom in world.

You can pic these beads up in world at Studio Sidhe mainstore HERE or on OnRez or SLex.

We’re sure your going to love them,




Polaroid Outfit:

Hair: Philotic Energy – PE Enda II Charcoal [Pre-Release]
T-Shirt & Accessories: Studio Sidhe [ of course! LOL]
Jeans: Last Call – Moda
Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin – Cashmere (Jade – Glitter)
Swing: :+:SS:+: Faery’s Swing

Womans Ads:

Hair: Moonshine: MS- Damsyn Hot Chocolate w :+:SS:+: Hair Wrap
Top: MS-Kismet Tee-Pomegranate & MS-Kismet-Grape Sleeve extensions
Jeans: Last Call: Moda

Mens Ads:

Hair: Philotic Energy – PE Indy Golden Brown Black Tipped
Outfit: Reaction – Stallie Shirt w/tee {Black}
Skin: TaP Vivant Bronze Clean Cut


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