>Come & Play with Studio Sidhe at the Jewellery Expo!!!!

Woooot! It’s nearly here! That’s right, not long to go… Expo kicks off on Sunday 5th and runs until Saturday the 11th of October [SLT].

There are so many great designers here at this years expo… I’ve been flying around and having a sticky beak at all the great stuff and WOW, sl is bursting at the seems with creative energy and talent, I love it!

Above you can see a quick snapshot I took of the Studio Sidhe booth… I bought a little bit of my ruins to the expo! LOL This is the first expo that we’ve been involved in and are really excited… so please come and check it out [HERE]

Also while your there, you might want to help out a worth cause… Heifer International. Which I must admit I’d never heard of until I went into research mode…

Basically Heifer International is a global organisation that works to find and facilitate holistic solutions to such things as world hunger, poverty and our every depleting environment through building sustainable communities… it’s a great initiative. I am all for helping people out in crisis with emergency food and aide, but what happens after those supplies are gone? THIS cause I can get behind, assisting people in the present is all well and good, but sustainability is and should be, the major goal.

You can donate directly to Heifer International via their website [link above] OR you can come to the expo and buy one or some of the great things people have made to raise money. Our contribution to this is a pair of black pearl hair sticks… as the theme for this years expo is aquatic:

*** Thanks & Credit to Shadow @ Deviant Art for the use of their stock photo for the background of this pic***

We also have some great freebies for you all to enjoy 🙂 Hope to see you there!



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