>Silver Filigree Jewellery @ Studio Sidhe!!!


Hi Everyone!

I am seriously excited, every time I make something I always try to go a little beyond what I’ve done before, I love learning and trying new things…
The bracelet in particular, was a massive undertaking and I had no idea if it would work right up to the very end when I was setting the attachment points!


When you looked at the ad for the set you probably noticed that down the bottom it says the matching earrings are a freebie; Amelia Case over at Philotic Energy has made a special edition Christmas freebie hair to go with, so this is a little collaboration between us. If you would like to grab some fabulous hair AND the matching earrings, head on over to Philotic Energy


I’ve put my Christmas tree up at the main store, and have put some gift boxes underneath… each box holds a store card and is marked at 20% off. So swing on in and get a bargain! They make great gifts but they can also be used to get yourself something nice at a considerable discount! ๐Ÿ˜‰
*** please note that only the store cards in the gift boxes are discounted***

The Bracelet and Pendant are available either in world at our mains tore or on OnRez or Xstreet.

Thanks everyone, until next time,




Outfit: Chaospire “Lacepetal” Victorian Camibloomers in White
Pose:[LAP] from the Material Girl Collection
Hair: Philotic Energy… the style is for you to find! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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