>Studio Sidhe & Discord Designs…


Yup it’s true! About a week ago now, Kalli at Discord Designs approached me by way of TOP SECRET self exploding private plurk! (k, totally kidding, plurk did not explode, but adds to the epicness of it all, don’t you think? LOL) To ask me if I’d be interested in doing some “augmentation” of her awesome braids! I of course said yes, cause her stuff ROCKS! and off I went 😀

The first offering in what will be a series; is Space Gypsy, and is made up of some silver fine wire prim detailing, funky beads and of course bells… as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m rather into bells atm! LOL This hair jewellery is made to go with dD style “Taylor”.

You can pick up both the hair and the hair jewellery at either Discord Designs or Studio Sidhe Main Stores.

*** N.B. Hair & Hair Jewellery are sold separately! 😀




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