>PLEASE help…


For those of you that don’t know, I’m an Aussie… How you could have missed that, I’m not quite sure, cause I’m proud to be Australian, one of the things that makes me so proud is that when we see people in trouble, in need of a hand, we help them out. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, if we know them or not, or even if we have some personal connection to them… That’s what we’re known for, that we care.

Now we’re asking you to help out the poor bastards in Victoria, you’ve probably seen it by now, there is one rip roarer of a bushfire going through that state, and it’s merciless… It’s killed nearly 200 people at the time I write this.

Thanks to Autumn Hykova & Dakota Buck, there is now a Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Relief Appeal in SL. You can find a donation booth in my store, and heaps more around the grid as more and more people jump on board. And you can also purchase the pendants I recently released (see below). 100% of proceeds from these sales is going to the relief fund. If all that is not for you then I encourage you to donate directly to Australian Red Cross .

Thanks everyone,



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