>Rainy Day People @ Studio Sidhe

Hi Everyone!!!

New pose for you… works for both men & women…

This is a single pose with wall/window prop. The mood of this piece is set by the pose leaning up against rain drenched glass window, looking down to the world outside.

The exterior of the wall is rain soaked brick texture with interior soft wall textures.

* Original textures and pose
* Copy/Mod so you can change the position of the pose to suit male or female height, change textures or pull the pose out to use in another setting entirely đŸ˜€
* Animated rain texture on glass window adds both mood & sense of realism.

Available at our main store & Xstreet



PS would love to see what you do with this so please feel free to add your pics to the Studio Sidhe Flickr group & see what other wonderful work others are doing.

PPS! this is only $100L at our main store until Midnight SLT tonight!!!! so jump in quick!


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