>Headpieces for M’lady?


Hi everyone,

I have continued with my theme of gold and silver jewellery this week, with finely detailed, elegant and ultra feminine headpieces with bell & teardrop embellishments!

The headpieces have four options in both the silver and the gold, but rather than sell each separately I’ve packed them together. Why? well there will always be times when you’ll want dangly bits hanging down to frame your avi’s face and times when a hair style that you choose to wear would be better with just the one hanging piece… it just gives you more options without having to run back to the store to buy the headpiece that would suit your look of the day.

I’ve shown a very elegant look in the above pics, but as demonstrated very effectively by Achariya Maktoum in her recent blog post [HERE] it can also add a funky element to your outfit 🙂

I’ve made these headpieces so that they can be worn with your nose chain with bells… and they do look great together (if I do say so myself! LOL).

The headpieces are copy and scripted to resize.

They are currently available in the new release section of Studio Sidhe main store or on Xstreet:



In other News:

I have split up the Silver and Gold Collections released last week so that you can now purchase the pieces separately. These separates are only available at the main store, so do check them out when you go to have a look at the headpieces =D

Outfit Credits:

Outfit: * *EC* Aurora Gown
Hair: Exile Emmanuelle
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes – Sharbat Bright (i) – SbZ
Skin: LS Poppy Light – Spring Breeze
Pose: :+:SS:+: Faery Frolic – Free Frolic


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