>SLink + Gold + Silver + Prims + Studio Sidhe = Nice!

>Hi Everyone!

I have got to say that taking a break from RL work certainly helps me get my SL to-do list done!!! šŸ˜€

As many of you might remember I made some elven anklets to go with SLink Barefeet a little while ago, and have been *meaning* to get around to doing some more anklets!

Making the elven anklets was great fun but also it came with the bonus of meeting and getting to know a truly talented and lovely lady; Siddean Munro. Siddean is the creative force behind SLink. She was more than happy for me to make anklets that could be worn both with her prim feet (for those of us that love them) and with system avitar feet… and she also encouraged me to do more!

So here they are:

These I made to go with the gold and silver collections that I’ve been working on and adding to with the recently release of the silver and gold teardrop & bell headpieces:

Available in world at:

Studio Sidhe


And on Xstreet:



I hope you enjoy them šŸ˜€

Take care,




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