>Studio Sidhe… A new adventure :D


A pic I took while taking a few moments to contemplate the move.

For those of you that missed the news… Flippa Stella [Flipside] & myself have moved to our very own sim!

It’s called Moonsong. Named in honour of the Goddess Moon. A multi-pose prop which you might remember featured in the collaborative photographic competition held by Evie Miles of Evie’s Closet and Studio Sidhe a few months ago. It was my first project I worked on when I purchased Poser earlier this year and it was a raging success… so much so, that now I have a sim! haha crazy isn’t it?

My pose making has been so warmly welcomed by the people of SL which has given me the confidence to branch out and expand. To be honest, I’m totally floored by the reception; given there are so many awesome and well established pose makers here. I am touched and humbled at the support I have, and appreciate it beyond words… thank you πŸ™‚

While poses are something that I have taken to like a duck to water, I will continue to let my imagination and creativity lead me to make whatever it is I am inspired to do… be that jewellery, accessories, quirky fun stuff, clothes or whatever.

I would like to say heart felt thank you to Glyph Torok, our previous land lord & truly beautiful lady in every way. She has just been amazing & I have so enjoyed and appreciated being a part of the Chocolate Orange experience (We sank a pirate ship off the coast of Moonsong as a homage to Chocolate Orange :D)

I would also like to say a special thank you to Elizabeth Tinsley and the Oubliette crew for inviting us to move our sim next door… we are going to have loads of fun!!! πŸ˜€

I look forward to seeing you at the new sim, you’ll see my new mains tore and go “what the???” I’m sure! I swear I must have been way zoomed out for most of the structural stuff because it’s HUGE hahahaha BUT! everyone who’s seen it so far things the layout is logical and easy to navigate… so I hope you enjoy!

I do of course have many lovely secret places for your to find and explore (would it be my store if it didn’t? ;))

Take care,


P.S. We are planning a party to celebrate…news on that coming soon!


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