>Back in Black


Hi everyone!

Yeah it’s been an AGE! Well it feels like that… RL has been crazily busy, but finally I’m Back!!! 😀

For my first post back, I have a bit of a combo deal, it’s a fashion blog BUT it’s also to announce my new release… weird? well yeah, I’m a content creator that does on occasion do fashion blogs, so am combining the two here LOL Why? because the new release I was set to blog, inspired me to make some hand chains and gloves to go with it 😉

Okay, so on with the outfit!!!

The dress is perfect! The release from Evie’s Closet for the 12 Days of Christmas event… her day was day 7, the one with the swans, and for it she made this spectacular dress (shown without many of the prim embellishments that are awesome, but didn’t suit the look that I was going for with the pics)in white and as shown, black.

The thing I love about Evie’s creations, besides the style and consistent quality, is how versatile they are. For whatever reason, many of Evie’s dresses just seem to bring out the inner goth in me and I LOVE IT! LOL

For the rest of the outfit… The hair which I am in love with is from a hair store that’s been around a while but is new to me, Penumbra which I discovered on one of my jaunts to Trap at the Twilight sim. The demo’s themselves completely won me over, the way all the prims where a sample of all the colours available looks awesome on these hair styles! I’d love to see this for sale with the other colour selections 😀 *adds to my Christmas wish list to Santa*

The shoes are lovely! (feel free to zoom in on those), they’re from Lazy Places! Fun but stylish! The choker is from Flipside, it’s awesome… I love Flippa Stella’s prim work, the woman has great skills 😀 The skin is a custom recolour of Sphinx from Trap (sorry, not available for sale). The poses used in both pics here are from the awesome 5ifth Order (my first stop for action poses) aaaaaaaaaaaand… last but not least! My new release…

A big thank you to hyasynth Tiramisu for rescuing these gloves from being named something lame & giving me the perfect name for them AND a big thank you to Tamzin Xigalia for doing the fantastic ad pic 😀

Morpheus – The Endless Chains w Gloves is available either in world at Studio Sidhe or on Xstreet.

Until next time, enjoy!



Dress: *EC* 7 Swans (Black)
Choker: ::FlipSide:: ‘Chained KiTTeH’ Padlock collar
Shoes: [LP] Pr0n Heels
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Sphinx Blue F TONE 1 {CUSTOM}
Ears: SLink and Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears Pointy
Hair: .::.Penumbra.::. Ruki Deep Black
Leather Gloves & hand chains: Studio Sidhe – yet to be named or released LOL
Pose: 5ifth Order GraveM_Stand07
Location (Top pic): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragon%20Rose%20Isle/192/103/43
(Vendor Ad): http://slurl.com/secondlife/embryo/65/40/21


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