>WILD.Released: Silent Sparrow


well hello there…

yes it’s me again…

I have decided that the real reason behind my decision to run the WILD.Released hunt for a whole month, is so I would have heaps of time to fart-arse around (aussie speak for procrastinate and generally waste time)… which I must say I am VERY accomplished at *puffs out chest proudly* 😛

I have however, finally managed to take a piccy of this wonderful outfit from Silent Sparrow… I’ve worn it around SL for about two weeks, hahah (I don’t like to rush things LOL). The pic that I did finally manage to get is a story in itself…

The other night I was contemplating taking some pics of this hunt prize when I randomly got an IM from Tomo; Genius behind Little Boy Blue and a fun mate who can always be depended upon for completely random stuff… example, he dials me up with FAERY! bubble wrap! you need to come and play! … (expurgated version of what he actually said; I take artistic license cause this is my blog *shrugs*) So I tp over, play with mad cool stuffs, then somehow we got onto the topic of sushi… because bubble wrap –> Sushi, is a TOTALLY logical progression *nods*.

So off we go to the most brilliant Sushi place in SL… It’s AMAZING. You sit down & grab plates of sushi stuff off the conveyor belt as it comes around, and get your mate (Tomo in this case) to be the waiter… it’s one of those things that you have to see for yourself really, but the scripting and animation are just awesome 😀 Go HERE & catch the elevator upstairs to find the sushi bar 😀

Okay, so that explains the chop sticks my avi is holding heehee aaaaaand makes a nice segue to explaining Benny, the cute little friend on my shoulder… this is Benny’s story from the notecard that comes with him:

Benny is a very confused panda. You see, he’s always been a little deaf, so he thinks his name is ‘Bunny’ and he won’t hear otherwise. He does get very confused as to why grass doesn’t appeal to him, and why all of the other bunnies are so much smaller and run away from him. His favourite bunnies are the black and white ones.
He has a grand time in the Spring, being able to wear his best ribbon and hide eggs. He loves the warm sun and the colours of the flowers, even if they make him sneeze. He loves chocolate, even if it doesn’t agree with him, and he is pretty phobic of peeps, especially the chicks.
Won’t you give this confused panda a happy home, preferably peep-free? He promises to be tidy and to share his chocolate with you if you will.

Okay, so up to this point, I was pretty much sorted, I had the outfit, the hair,the jewellery, the skin & the boots… BRILLIANT! Just had to get a good shot… when Aems; Aemilia Case – Creative genius behind Philotic Energy, drops me the Rowe Hat/Hair that features in the New Crazy Arse Hair Hunt… the colour shown isn’t the one in the prize, that’s HERE and is BRILLIANT.

I have been bugging Aems since forever to make more top hats with hair… her Noah style is my absolute favourite hat/hair ever! and this one I think rivals even that (bold words, I know, but check it out) 😀

And lastly… The location… Catnip! where else would you go if you had the most awesome Mad Hatter-esk hat in the world?

Until next time!




Outfit is a WILD.Released hunt prize from Silent Sparrow: Lysi ~silentsparrow~ Wild Released (boxed)
Hat/Hair: Philotic Energy – PE Rowe Mahogany (from the CAHH all colours pack).
Jewellery: Studio Sidhe – Bronze Celtic knotwork set.
Skin: LS Katie Tan – Cover Girl
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes – Sharbat Bright (i) – SbZ
Bunny: Little Boy Boy Blue- LBB Food Friend 1: Benny
Chopsticks: Hashi for Yakiniku by Kabuki Ewing
Location: Catnip – Alice in Wonderland subterranean adventure land 😀

P.S. Apologies for the completely random punctuation in this post, actually, the whole post was fairly random, as is this post script! LMAO! so I guess the punctuation kind of suited it… oops. Anyways, if you are the one person who has opted to actually read this blog, and have found it all just a touch much, I direct your complaints to god. (cause, well, why not really? Cheaper than message bank.). Thank you 🙂


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