>Studio Sidhe @ The Fae & Elven Pride Fair!!! :D


Hi Everyone!!!

A wonderful fair started on the 2nd of April… I am very pleased to be a part of an event that is as fun, vibrant, friendly as the Fae & Elven Pride Fair!

I have made a very special two-fae pose that works for either woman or men faeries 😀 This set is available at the fair until it closes on the 11th of April… but please don’t just come down here just get this pose there is sooooo much to see and do! I’ve taken a couple of piccies to show you just a sample of the place 😀

This is one of the welcome areas… you can get the t-shirt I’m wearing for a bargain 5L and also pick up a free goodies pack which includes the wings shown below 😀

I fell into the pond near my booth at the Fae Circus area and found underneath the waves a Mer area and it’s beautiful! 😀 I also nabbed this wondrous Poseidon’s Chariot from *The Golden Thorn* . There really is no better way to travel around a fae fair heehee 😀

I highly recommend that you visit this amazing place before it goes away…




Hair: Discord Designs -dDx- Nethead-5e (Red) – ZOMG!!!!! You soooo need this hair, it’s GENIUS! You can get a limited edition multicoloured version for free in the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt!!!!
Pants:CONCRETE FLOWERS-PATCH PANTS 1 – I just love these pants… you need them *nods* off you go *points*
T-shirt:Neon Coyote – Gay Fae & Elven Pride T-Shirt SL (available at the fair… better get a move on !)
Wings:Effy Fenwitch – Rainbow butterfly Faery Wings2
Faery Dust Feet: Curious Kitties – Sparkle Fairy Dust Foot – Purple
Jewellery:Studio Sidhe – Alphabet Bead Set and Nirvana Bead Belt [Pewter]
Skin:La Sylphide – Katie – Tan – Mocha
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes – Sharbat (i) – SbZ


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