>Moonsong Caves FIRST Photo Competition!!!!


Moonsong Caves
, for those who’ve been ever so slightly out of the loop, are a collection of subterranean volcanic caves… but not just awesome caves that make a fun and different place to hang out and take photos… no! these caves also house some of SL’s most creative designers!!! πŸ˜€

Okay, now that everyone is on the same page… here’s the news if you haven’t heard already…

Moonsong Caves is having it’s FIRST ever photo comp!!!! True!

You’re wondering how the hell that works? Easy!

Below is the info & conditions… you can also get the note card version in world:

Thank you for your interest in the first Flickr competition being held at the Moonsong Caves! πŸ˜€

This competition is brought to you by the collective vendors of the Moonsong Sim which include:

* Discord Designs
* 5ifth Order
* Dark Mouse
* Lazy Places
* katat0nik
* Gauze
* Little Boy Blue
* FallnAngel Creations
* Flipside
* Studio Sidhe
First Prize:

$1000L store card/Gift certificates from:
* Dark Mouse
* Gauze
* katat0nik
* Flipside
* Studio Sidhe

AND!!! These fantastic prizes from the following stores:

* Your Choice of a hair collection from Discord Designs!
* Your choice of a pose prop from 5ifth Order!
* The beautiful Castalia’s Song Statement Set from Little Boy Blue!

* The awesome Mystics Table from FallnAngel Creations!
* YOUR choice of AND item from the Lazy Places collection!

Second Prize:

$500L store card/gift certificates from:
* Gauze
* Studio Sidhe

Third Prize:

$300L store card/gift certificates from:
* Studio Sidhe


$100 store card/gift certificate from:

How to enter:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1/ You must purchase something from at least three (3) different stores in the Moonsong Caves

2/ Take a photo of yourself wearing or using those items.

3/ Join the subscriber group that you will find a kiosk for in the cave central area.

***This does not require an in world group slot so no need to worry ***

4/ Join the Moonsong Flickr group

5/ Upload your entry pic to flickr . Only one entry per avatar. and submit it to the Moonsong Flickr group. Please tag the pic with the designers that you are featuring and have the words “Moonsong Flickr Comp” in the tags as well.

6/ Entries close at 12:30am on Monday the 5th of July, 2010.

7/ Winners will be notified by Faery Sola or Flippa Stella when the judging is complete.

8/ All decisions are final

9/ have fun and enjoy the Caves! πŸ˜€

Things you should know:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * we’re not looking for the most professional pic in SL … we want to see what you can do with all these awesome designers creations!!!! …. Creativity is the key here πŸ˜€
* featuring more than 3 designers is perfectly fine! We understand that with a line up like this you are probably going to want to show more πŸ˜€
* You can choose any location you’d like… whatever fits the concept of your picture…. we’d love to see people exploring the sim though…. you’ll find all sorts of hidden wonders πŸ˜‰
* entries from people who are not on the subscriber list will not be considered… we also will NOT accept any entries in world.
* If you are a photographer or have a photographic business…. please don’t put your logo on the entry.

We hope you enjoy this competition and we look forward to seeing the entries!!! πŸ˜€


The Moonsong Caves Collective πŸ˜€


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