>The Tale of Snow White… version 2!


I am thrilled to be announcing this… some of you might remember the “light” first version of this pose prop from the WILD.Released event last year, or from the UWA Art Challenge recently…

It was after many requests to make a version of this prop that I could sell that I decided to raise the bar (as I am want to do) and challenge myself to make this already unique prop the piece of art that I am releasing officially today, and right in time for Valentines Day!

The set comes with the glass coffin with both the red velvet bedding or a gray tintable bedding, the faery forest backdrop (YES! I did paint that! *puffs out chest proudly*) and light beam with particle effects 😀

For more pictures please see the talented work of Rylan Carling Post [1][2][3], Carthalis Rossini and Strawberry Singh.

You can see The Tale of Snow White V2 in world at Studio Sidhe main store or at our new satellite location at Vanity Fayre. If you wish to give this as a gift, please contact Faery Sola to arrange delivery or find it on the Marketplace.



P.S. Big thank you’s go out to Ted Cornell for scripting this thing & making what was in my head actually work! and thanks to Tamzin Xigalia for her wonderful work in creating the pics for the ad insets. Thank you!

P.P.S. Call me psychic but have a sneaking suspicion that Snow White gown sales over at Deviance are about to go through the roof! LOL


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