A day in the life of a muse…

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*buffs nails* oh yeah, muse, yup, that’d be me.

You may have realised that this isn’t a fashion post or even a new release post for my store. This is about an exciting new place in SL!

the awesome store of Menno Ophelia has taken an ever so lovely journey into the realm of fantasy! YES! aaaaaaaand, I am apparently the inspiration for this *puffs out chest proudly*, so now you get what the whole muse thing in the title is all about.

okay, so! See all the lovely pics in the slideshow? That’s your instructions on how to get to shiny new place! So what are you waiting for??? Go now. See wonderful things from amazing crystals & shrooms, tentacles, humungus talking tree, runes, and all manner of other lovely stuff you need in your SL!


(Muse Extraordinaire)


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