Studio Sidhe at the 2011 Jewelry Fair! :D

Hi Everyone!

I have some soleless sandals… filled to the brim with soul. Bombshell! they’re Studio Sidhe; of course they are! 😀

I had such fun making the textures for these, painting beads is one of my favourite things to do LOL no sure what that says about me, but there you go 😀

5 variations available at the fair, with another one in the Oxfam charity vendor with 50% of all those sales going to the awesome cause that is Oxfam!

The sandals have been made to go with SLink bare feet (low), they will go all crazy if you try wearing them without prim feet of some sort.

Studio Sidhe @ the Jewelry Fair


PS OMG, I just realised I’ve spelled “sandals” incorrectly on ALL my ads… go me. I could pretend that english is my second language, but it’s just not the case… I choose to blame the mad rush in getting this all done and out. Apologies to the spelling police. I’ll fix them when I get time. Thanks! 😀


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