Showcasing SLink Rigged Mesh Feet with…


Hello everyone!

Yes that’s right… Siddean IM’d me a while ago when she released the rigged mesh feet and suggested that I make some poses to really show them off… and what shows off how beautifully these feet can move more than yoga?

Okay, maybe there are other things… I look forward to seeing them, but I thought of yoga first so went with that 😀

I think it worked, but I gotta tell you, the thing pose makers struggle with is the limited movement of the SL avi mesh… it really doesn’t like moving to the extremes of what the RL body can (ya know, if you’re a 16 yrs old, ultra flexible fitness buff and gymnastics freak LOL) and yoga is of course all about pushing your body to the absolute extremes without hopefully dislocating joints… so you see, I set myself a rather crazy task having to find a happy medium that would reflect the lovely and awesome shapes of RL yoga while not totally smashing the SL avi mesh to bits or even worse having the avi look stiff, board like, with bugger all resemblance to yoga and the amazing grace of it.

Anyways, enough random ramblings from me, I’ll hit you with links so you can get all your goodies! 😀


Studio Sidhe Main Store





Feet: Slink Mesh Feet L (Rigged)
Outfit: Deviance – PirateMate – Pants & Top (Green) w undershirt by
SimplyFae: !Boaz! Valdoras secret corset teal
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine Mesh Hair (Rouge)
Skin: [Gauze] Female Mercenary Skins – Natural – Bulk Pack – Gold
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes – Sharbat Bright (i) – SbZ
Poses: Studio Sidhe… obviously, it’s the point of this post after all! 😀


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