Studio Sidhe @ Back to Black & Festival of Sin…

Hi everyone!

A couple of awesome events are currently going on that we’re very pleased to be a part of; the first is Back to Black by CHIC Management which is an event focused on bringing awareness to the challenges every day people meet with extraordinary courage, determination, resilience and hope. The fair has been organised into areas with a theme word to guide the product/s each designer was to make for the event.

Studio Sidhe’s word was determination… I made chairs. LOL not sure why it occurred to me that climbing chairs would be just the thing to illustrate this concept, but; I did.

Determination is something that I know a lot about, have needed throughout my own life and have witnessed in abundance in the people I work with.

You can find this pose prop for $50L at the Back to Black event until the 29th of February 2012.

The second event that we’re involved in is the Festival of Sin which opened today! The sin Studio Sidhe has focused on is Sloth. And what says sloth better than the quirky meanderings of Vladimir & Estragon from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot?

This is a two scene pose prop for two male avatars and is also on sale for $50L for the duration of the fair at our fair stall HERE

Big thank you’s to Arwyn Lykin, who totally saved my sanity during a 7 HOUR long frustrating process of trying to configure the FoS prop, Arwyn dropped everything and logged in to walk me through it… THANK YOU!!!! Also, Jenica Lander, Naomi Edenflower, Phire Zuhra, Moggs Oceanlane, Olaenka Chesnokov and Dagmar Haiku for all their help, awesomeness and support in making and getting these pieces together and out to you 🙂




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