Which way to the 2012 Pose Fair?!

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a while, glad you’re still around 😀 I’ve been hellishly busy in RL taking a wee career shift, getting my sh*t together and bizarrely this has all lead to my dressing in corporate faery go which is just as weird and out there as it sounds! LOL 

ANYWAY! Enough about me, you want to hear about POSES! and why wouldn’t you? Poses really are what give SL life, expression and shared joy… I love making poses, and especially props. As you know, unless you’ve just landed in SL and then in that case I’ll just wave cheerily and say “hi-ya!” and direct you to that person standing next to you to explain my quirky faery ways!

Righto, so first up I made pose prop that’s a bit of a “bumper sticker” kind of philosophical self help random thing. It’s called “Which Way?” and I guess speaks volumes about what I’ve been going through in RL these past few months… scary journey that starts with a step in a different direction… was going to say “right direction”… but any direction you take where you learn stuff is pretty right in my book 🙂 


The picture and the name of this pose prop are both the work of the lovely Tamzin Xigalia. Thanks Tam! 

The prop has 4 poses and is out at the Pose Fair only. I’ve also made a mini pack of model poses which I’ve put out the fair for 1L. 

You can find this prop and the dollarbie along with a whole bunch of other fun stuff at my booth at the the fair. TAXI to Studio Sidhe @ Pose Fair South 





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