Exciting things are afoot!

Hi Everyone!

So, I’ve made a decision… it’s a rather huge one, but I’ve decided to simplify my main store and will be deleting all the stuff I’ve got in there that is not pose or prop related!

Before I do that though, I thought I’d give you an opportunity to come and pick up anything you may have wanted buy missed over the years… at a whopping 80% off!


And yes, that **is** off everything that isn’t pose or prop related, including fat packs, and includes jewellery (both mens and womens), clothes, including Limited Edition dresses (what’s left of them) , and the random stuff that never got categorised as anything besides “random” LOL.

Of course the things that I have in store by Flipside, SLink, Deviance, and Gauze aren’t included in the sale, it’s just stuff made solely by me for Studio Sidhe.

I’m not sure how long the sale will go for, possibly just until next weekend. Don’t get upset if you miss this sale because I’ll be leaving my market place listings as is for the time being… okay, maybe get a little sad, because you’ll have missed such extreme bargains.

I have a shiny new build waiting for my main to move into and some wonderful plans for the store and surrounds, I hope you enjoy what I’m working on, and in the interim, I hope you enjoy the sale 🙂

Studio Sidhe Main Store

❤ Faery


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