It is the time of the Lion…

Hi Everyone!

Ever noticed how some people seem to light up a room when they walk into it? Ever seen a person who people just gravitate towards? Ever seen a person who just exudes energy, enthusiasm and creativity? Yes? chances are that that person is a Leo.

Some people choose to bask in the warmth that is the Leo person, and other people, bitten by the green eyed monster choose to resent the Leo person for their charisma, charm and easy way with people. Leo’s won’t understand the machinations of those who choose to dislike them. The Leo looks at the world through child like eyes, they love the world; so why shouldn’t the world love them?

If you meet a leo and you don’t like them, is that more about them or about you?

Of course, there are like any other sign of the zodiac positive and negative traits to the sign, but for leo there is also three dominant personas of the Leo; The Lion, The Lioness and the Cub. I am very proud to be a Leo. I pretty much personify all the lovely qualities of the lioness and the cub identities… playful, creative, honest, loyal, generous, proud, optimistic and protective of my own or those I see as needing advocacy. HOORAY for being Leo!!! \o/

So as I revel in my Leo-ness I am thrilled to be a part of this first Zodiac event held by Hottie Cooterati 😀 I’ve worked for AGES on this lion, he’s super cute I think and I hope does some justice to some of the characteristics of Leo. He comes with three inbuilt scenes which pose both the lion and your avatar.

I really hope you enjoy this wonderful event as much as I have enjoyed putting this little guy together (okay, I’m going to try and forget the week I spent painting the pads on his feet which you don’t even see in any of the poses LOL… please cam around if you feel the need!). Leo is the sign to be enjoyed by the open hearted, the joyful and child within us all.



P.S. The amazing pic for the Lion ad was done by the lovely and talented Freyja Nemeth who is all kinds of awesome ❤



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