Family… The Genre Event now on!

The Family Tree ad

*** EDIT*** I’ve just been informed that the price cap at this event is 100L, not 200L as I previously thought. Please accept my apologies from my end in this breakdown in communication. If you have purchased the Family Tree Pose Prop at this event please IM me in world with your transaction details for this purchase and I will refund $100L to you. Again, I apologise, this was an error and in no way intentional.

Hi Everyone!


Okay, so! Family!

When Voshie Paine told me this month’s Genre theme was family I wracked my brain… came up with a gazillion bizarre ideas (no shock there!) then had my mates Naomi & Jen be the voice of reason and advise against some of my more crazy ideas… then when I thought I was in really serious trouble I decided I’d paint a tree!

Which I did. And then it came to me that a FAMILY TREE would be BRILLIANT!

So I did that. I really did mean to only make about 5 or 6 poses for it… but I got a tad carried away. There is 14 in total. Male, Female, unisex, couples, and petites all feature here 😀


I had a little last minute glitch with the ad pic for this, but I am sooo lucky to have great mates and people who are just willing to help out someone. To ALL those people; THANK YOU!!! The pic isn’t brilliant (I took it) so I chopped out some close ups of the poses to give you a better a look, and the ad pic tells the story of how they all fit together 😀

The Genre event opened today and will be going for about a month. You can find it here with some amazing work from a selecting of great creators 😀


The pose prop is just 200L 100L for the duration of the event, and then will be available in our mainstore…. but not for 200L 100L so I suggest you get it now *winks*




I have absolutely -no- idea what everyone is wearing. I do know however that the tree was painted by me and the poses where made by me : )

The people involved in the pic are:

Rowan Carroll, LeahJane Cazalet, Shinobu Imako, RAYO Bekkers, Allegory Malaprop, Alitas Littlebird, eribos, Deoridhe Quandry, Beta Ballyhoo, yuliahna,  Deoridhe Starr, Craiced Emerald, ohetoki, and Kallisti Burns.

BIG hugs to all of you… THANK YOU! ❤


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