Studio Sidhe was established in 2006. Starting with very humble beginnings with uploads of Faery Sola’s RL artworks that were sold as limited editions. These textures where then used as the base for a small clothing line and the the tag line of “Wear your Art” was born.

In 2007 expansion into furniture and the most epic (and primmy) gazebo took place. Featuring still RL artworks together with the ancient and much loved symbol; the Vesica Pisces. The Vesica Pisces was soon to be incorporated into the logo that Studio Sidhe still uses today. The symbol has a few different meanings, but the one most pertinent is that of the meeting of two worlds… faery and human, and also, in this case… SL & RL.

2008 saw more clothing and now jewellery. It would be jewellery that Studio Sidhe would come to be “known”, with a distinctive bohemian eclectic flavour, Studio Sidhe offered consumers an alternative to bling, high formal wear, goth, punk and gangsta/rap wear that was largely on offer in SL. Later this year Faery Sola began dabbling in pose making and released the Multi-Pose Stairs.

In 2009 Studio Sidhe jumped head first into poses, most memorably the Goddess Moon. This is what got Studio Sidhe well and truly on the map of pose makers in SL and has been followed up by many other faviourites 🙂

Later that year, Studio Sidhe together with Flipside, moved to their own sim Moonsong where we both continue to grow, create and have heaps of fun… making out corner of SL what we want it to be 😀


Faery Sola
“Live as if the world was as it should be, to show it what it could be” (quote by… um… Joss Whedon?)


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