Faery fun…um…sandwich :)

Faery Sandwich - Trio pose

Hi everyone!

New trio pose out now at:

Studio Sidhe

& on the

Market Place


❤ Faery


Pose: Studio Sidhe – Faery Sandwich

Faery is wearing:

Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* ERIN Turquoise with Deviance-PirateMate-Pants-Green

Wings: Deviance-sunset-Fairy Wings v2

Eyes: -SbZ-  EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright

Skin: [Gauze] Female Mercenary Skins  – Natural

Ear Cuffs:  Slink Elfin Earcuffs

Hair: Slink Nicolette Hair Sorrel

Craiced is wearing:

Outfit:  Zanzo

Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Skin: [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 1B-E_] [_FAUX_] SHAVED

Hair:Uncleweb Studio – [Uw.7R] Rush-Hair size-L Meteoric

Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears

Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: main shop *eF* RE:earth-(S)

Special thank you to Myhns Mayo for posing for this pic 🙂


Family… The Genre Event now on!

The Family Tree ad

*** EDIT*** I’ve just been informed that the price cap at this event is 100L, not 200L as I previously thought. Please accept my apologies from my end in this breakdown in communication. If you have purchased the Family Tree Pose Prop at this event please IM me in world with your transaction details for this purchase and I will refund $100L to you. Again, I apologise, this was an error and in no way intentional.

Hi Everyone!


Okay, so! Family!

When Voshie Paine told me this month’s Genre theme was family I wracked my brain… came up with a gazillion bizarre ideas (no shock there!) then had my mates Naomi & Jen be the voice of reason and advise against some of my more crazy ideas… then when I thought I was in really serious trouble I decided I’d paint a tree!

Which I did. And then it came to me that a FAMILY TREE would be BRILLIANT!

So I did that. I really did mean to only make about 5 or 6 poses for it… but I got a tad carried away. There is 14 in total. Male, Female, unisex, couples, and petites all feature here 😀


I had a little last minute glitch with the ad pic for this, but I am sooo lucky to have great mates and people who are just willing to help out someone. To ALL those people; THANK YOU!!! The pic isn’t brilliant (I took it) so I chopped out some close ups of the poses to give you a better a look, and the ad pic tells the story of how they all fit together 😀

The Genre event opened today and will be going for about a month. You can find it here with some amazing work from a selecting of great creators 😀


The pose prop is just 200L 100L for the duration of the event, and then will be available in our mainstore…. but not for 200L 100L so I suggest you get it now *winks*




I have absolutely -no- idea what everyone is wearing. I do know however that the tree was painted by me and the poses where made by me : )

The people involved in the pic are:

Rowan Carroll, LeahJane Cazalet, Shinobu Imako, RAYO Bekkers, Allegory Malaprop, Alitas Littlebird, eribos, Deoridhe Quandry, Beta Ballyhoo, yuliahna,  Deoridhe Starr, Craiced Emerald, ohetoki, and Kallisti Burns.

BIG hugs to all of you… THANK YOU! ❤

Unisex Model Poses are here!!! :D

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I released some poses… these started out being a set for men, made up of a couple of poses I’d made at the request of a few guys in SL with some more made just for this set… my first mens pose set was all go until I decided to try the poses with my Avatar and lo and behold, they worked just as well on a woman’s avi!!!!

So the unisex pose set was born…

I hope you enjoy this set of poses and find them useful in your photography, blogging or whatever you fancy to use them for 🙂

The poses are available in world at Studio Sidhe main store where you can try them out and purchase separately if you prefer or on the Marketplace.

Here are some pics also of my outfit worn in the ad… I’ve had quite a few comments and requests for details… I did a head shot as well so you can see the awesome detail on the skin and the absolutely mindblowingly gorgeous eyes recently released by Gauze 🙂


Faery Sola (Me):

Dress: Boho Hobo Crow and hummingbird dress
Skin & Ears: :[Plastik]:-LionHeart-Poet-Legend-Corazon
Hair: **Dura-Emo**03(Black)
Shoes:Slink Astrid Boots (Mesh)
Eyes:[Gauze] Human – Aphrodite
Bracelets & Necklace: From the Happy Bead Collection: :+:SS:+: Bliss Bead Bracelet [rainbow], :+:SS:+: Happy Bead Bracelet [Rainbow], :+:SS:+: Joy Beaded necklace [rainbow]
Choker:::FlipSide:: Black string Locket – touch to open.
Nose Chain: :+:SS:+: Silver Nose Chain with Bells

Craiced Emerald (Other Me):

Shirt: AITUI – Plain Tank – White
Pants:!_Ce Cubic effect Flare trousers
Skin: [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 1B-E_] [_FAUX_] SHAVED
Hair:Uncleweb Studio – [Uw.7R] Rush-Hair size-L Meteoric
Piercings: ::FlipSide:: Guys f1 Piercings
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied for Men Flat Bare
Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: main shop *eF* RE:earth-(S)


Look Inside the Tiny Ivory Cell…

Studio Sidhe's Tiny Ivory Cell Pose Prop
Menu Driven Pose Prop with 4 Pose Scenes

I have long been a fan of Oscar Wilde, in my teens the poem To L.L. is one of my favourite poems, the last verse I think resonates with everyone on some level:

“But strange that I was not told

that the brain can hold

in a tiny ivory cell

God’s heaven and hell.”

The amazingly powerful human mind, able to hold, to perpetuate, and to create both our triumphs and our tragedies.

The pose prop is built to enable you to have 360∘camera access to your avatar while posed with both a slide show sequence that takes you through the scenes and a menu driven scene selection that allows you a combination of options for your own art making 🙂

Thank you to HeZkeZl Slade who once again was instrumental in making a Studio Sidhe pose prop become a reality 🙂

Available at Studio Sidhe main store and on the Marketplace.




Skin: :::Sn@tch Passion Skin (Tone 2-Siren):::

Eyes: -{The Attic}- Shade Stone Eyes

Hair: PE Zoey Charcoal Red Tipped

Shirt: Nomine Deconstructed Half Shirt Set – black

Corset: Nomine Calvary Corset – red

Pants: Nomine Cheap Thrills Jeans – barbed

Nipple Covers: BLU 282 ~Titty Tape~

Shoes: [0N] Wo Boots (w/resize scripts)


>Studio Sidhe @ Mee & My Roo Festivale! :D


Who would have thought that I would have become a breedable anything fan! But Meeroos are just way too cute for words… and a mate of mine game me one, so really couldn’t let it die, right?

Well anyways, got way attached, and soon after was invited to be apart of the Mee & My Roo Festivale which is happening THIS WEEKEND!!!!

This set, EPIC grass mat, and 5 granny cushions with a different pose in each one is 200L for the set … for this weekend only 😀

You can however buy the cushions separately if you’d like for 50L each.

You might also notice the awesome shrooms, crystals & ruins in the background… they’re from Kari who are also at the festivale so get down their quickly!

Pet roos, shop like there is no tomorrow! 😀

Have fun!




Hazzah! yes! two pose sets in two weeks-ish!

Siddean was in plurk again and asked for good stand poses that showed off feet nicely… ta-dah!

You can get the poses either at Studio Sidhe Main Store or on the Marketplace.



Outfit Credits:

-dDx- Glasses – KB1 (unscripted prototype) <– I get these fantastic pre-release protypes cause I'm lovely & I know the mad genius creator behind Discord Designs. Don't be sad, just get some when they come out! 😀 Also, how seriously sophisticated & clever do I look in these?! 😀
Hair: SLink Sandie Hair Red Brown <– VERY nice, if you don't have it you need to get it. SLink signiture whispy bits and all that soft, natural loveliness!
Skin:LS Poppy Tan – Gold Digger <– STEPHANIE COME BACK!!!! SL needs awesome skin makers like you! *throws self on floor sobbing*
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes – Sharbat Bright (i) – SbZ
Kurta:Zaara : Syona Kurta *maroon* <- Lovely, lovely, lovely… I love the richness of Indian clothing, Zaara does an amazing job in getting this magic to us in SL!
Pants: Zaara : Churidar slacks *brown* <– I love these pants… the texturing around the waist is awesome! when you get some have a sneaky peek & cam in! VERY well done 😀
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low <– of course! are there any other feet?! I just love them to bits… obviously 😀

>It’s time to sit down & dream…


Hi everyone!

I made poses, they are great. You should buy them:

Inworld: HERE
Market Place: HERE

For closer look:

Backstory: Siddean Munro wanted sit poses that were good. I made some & named them after her. YAY. I drew the backgrounds. I was deathly ill with faeryflu (rare strain of cold that is actually 10X WORSE than manflu) & decided that was a better idea than searching for locations or backdrops. I like them. So I kept them.



PS: Outfit is by HPMD, Hair is Dura, Skin is Sanu, Feet are SLink.
PPS: I finally updated my market place listings **and** made awesome store banner on Marketplace page *puffs out chest proudly*