Family… The Genre Event now on!

The Family Tree ad

*** EDIT*** I’ve just been informed that the price cap at this event is 100L, not 200L as I previously thought. Please accept my apologies from my end in this breakdown in communication. If you have purchased the Family Tree Pose Prop at this event please IM me in world with your transaction details for this purchase and I will refund $100L to you. Again, I apologise, this was an error and in no way intentional.

Hi Everyone!


Okay, so! Family!

When Voshie Paine told me this month’s Genre theme was family I wracked my brain… came up with a gazillion bizarre ideas (no shock there!) then had my mates Naomi & Jen be the voice of reason and advise against some of my more crazy ideas… then when I thought I was in really serious trouble I decided I’d paint a tree!

Which I did. And then it came to me that a FAMILY TREE would be BRILLIANT!

So I did that. I really did mean to only make about 5 or 6 poses for it… but I got a tad carried away. There is 14 in total. Male, Female, unisex, couples, and petites all feature here 😀


I had a little last minute glitch with the ad pic for this, but I am sooo lucky to have great mates and people who are just willing to help out someone. To ALL those people; THANK YOU!!! The pic isn’t brilliant (I took it) so I chopped out some close ups of the poses to give you a better a look, and the ad pic tells the story of how they all fit together 😀

The Genre event opened today and will be going for about a month. You can find it here with some amazing work from a selecting of great creators 😀


The pose prop is just 200L 100L for the duration of the event, and then will be available in our mainstore…. but not for 200L 100L so I suggest you get it now *winks*




I have absolutely -no- idea what everyone is wearing. I do know however that the tree was painted by me and the poses where made by me : )

The people involved in the pic are:

Rowan Carroll, LeahJane Cazalet, Shinobu Imako, RAYO Bekkers, Allegory Malaprop, Alitas Littlebird, eribos, Deoridhe Quandry, Beta Ballyhoo, yuliahna,  Deoridhe Starr, Craiced Emerald, ohetoki, and Kallisti Burns.

BIG hugs to all of you… THANK YOU! ❤


New Group Gift and Competition to Celebrate What Your Mates Mean to You!

Straight Up - Mates Pose 2

Valentines day is seriously nigh, and that day means a lot of different things to a lot of different people… and that’s cool.

To me Valentines day isn’t a big thing, but if I wanted it to mean something it would be love and appreciation, not limited to some romantic love interest, but to the institution of what love is, and what it means in our world… for me I think of my mates 🙂

This year I’d like to celebrate by releasing a mates pose that I was inspired to make and have dedicated to two of my mates in SL; Jenica Lander and Naomi Edenflower… they’re all sorts of awesome, I love them both and love spending time with them. I love lots about them, but one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of them is that while they are loads and loads of fun they are also straight up! and that’s what this release is called Straight Up!


So, what about the competition you ask?

EASY! this pose is set as a group gift in store, all you have to do is join the Studio Sidhe inworld group to get it:

Studio Sidhe Inworld Group

Then click on the group gift vendor next ot the main entrance of our store.


There is a $100L fee to join the group… but a mates pose which is also a competition entry piece for $100L is pretty awesome I think! 🙂 Of course, if you’re one of the sensible people of good taste in sl you might already be in the group… in that case you are totally set! haha XD

Okay, so! Competition conditions and details!


What you need to do to enter:


1/ Take a pic which depicts you and your mate, or what mates mean to you, or something that personifies those ideals. Using the Straight Up! poses of course!

2/ Throw your full perm pic into a notecard that is entitled:

Straight Up Mates Competition! [Your name] and tell us what this pic depicts about you and your mate, or the people shown.

3/ Place the notecard in the Mail Snail (shown in the attached pic above) in the Studio Sidhe main store.

4/ Do all this by the 14th of March which is the date the comp ends.

5/ Give me a week or so to pic a winner and you’ll be notified by notecard.

*** You can also add your pic to the Studio Sidhe Flickr group HERE


What you can win!

1st Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2-5 people pose) and $5000L store credit at Studio Sidhe

2nd Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2-3 people pose) and $3000L store credit at Studio Sidhe

3rd Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2 person pose) and $1000L store credit at Studio Sidhe.

When notifications are announced (notecard sent to winners) through our blog, in world group and subscribo and Flickr, please send your ideas plus any reference pics to Faery Sola, who will have the final say on whether the concept is doable given some of SL’s avatar limitations, or if it’s just not appropriate to a mates theme.

That’s pretty much it… we love competitions and we love to see what people create… we also love people who come together in the spirit of fun and community… so please, if you’re unhappy for whatever reason with the judges decision, or whatever please keep it to yourself. Thank you 🙂

Have fun! 🙂

Faery Sola
Boss of everything at Studio Sidhe XD

PS: Thank you to  Jeanie Waydelich for organising and posing with her mate for the ad pic 🙂

Music is Life! :)

Hi Everyone 🙂 

In Australia we have a tradition where we listen to the Triple J Hottest 100, play back yard cricket, drink lots of beer, dress up like green and gold or red white and blue mugs and have a really great time… all in the spirit of celebrating the most amazing country in the world… Australia 😀

Australia day happens every January 26th, and so does the Hottest 100… and so it would seem over the last few years does a whole bunch of natural disasters like floods and fire. 

While listening to the Hottest 100 this year, with all other celebrations being drowned by god, I made a pose set inspired by the day and the music. 

I hope you enjoy… 



Thanks to Jenica Lander for the great pics 🙂 


This pose set is available in world at Studio Sidhe main store

Happy late Australia Day everyone 🙂 

Enjoy! ❤ 


Studio Sidhe @ Genre!


Hi Everyone!

Genre is a new monthly event created by Voshie Paine of
la Petite Morte 🙂

This months theme is fantasy… so obviously this is something that I’d most definitely be interested in! 🙂

I’ve made a Dandelion Pose Prop which is wearable and comes with both regular sized and petite sized dandelions 🙂 There is a touch on/off option to have dandelion particles flying off as you gambol around SL.

Its only available at the event until the 12th of February 2013, and after that will be available in store.

Everything at the event is 100L or UNDER, and this months participating stores are:

This month’s participating designers are:

Bare Rose
Analog Dog
Fallen Gods Inc
La Petite Morte
Curious Kitties
Studio Sidhe


The Mahrathon is BACK!!!! :D

The annual music marathon is back again! Come on down to the Velvet and listen to the ever astounding set of eclectic sounds from DJ Maht Wuyts. Raising money for Heifer International –

Come and join us at The Velvet for 26.2 hour set, great music, entertainment and fun… while helping out a wonderful cause!

I’ll be hosting between 5-6pm AEST which is…. um… 11pm and Midnight SLT (I think) LOL

❤ Faery

Libra…wield the sword of justice!


Hi Everyone!

I’m loving the Zodiac events! For me the signs give never ending inspiration… for this one; Libra, I went with the Justice card from the Major Arcana. The card that corresponds with Libra. 

I hope the Librans out there love this… I love how it’s turned out, with all the regal power and feminine majesty that I had hoped for! 

The prop itself is the 1 prim stone, which you touch to receive your sword and scales to wear while you pose on the rock. Easy! and delightfully prim-light for me! LOL

You can get the Libra Tribute -Justice pose prop from the Zodiac event for the duration of Libra at the reduced price of 100L. 




Dress: Caverna Obscura

Hair: Discord Designs

Skin: PXL

Location: My place! (Studio Sidhe Mainstore)


It is the time of the Lion…

Hi Everyone!

Ever noticed how some people seem to light up a room when they walk into it? Ever seen a person who people just gravitate towards? Ever seen a person who just exudes energy, enthusiasm and creativity? Yes? chances are that that person is a Leo.

Some people choose to bask in the warmth that is the Leo person, and other people, bitten by the green eyed monster choose to resent the Leo person for their charisma, charm and easy way with people. Leo’s won’t understand the machinations of those who choose to dislike them. The Leo looks at the world through child like eyes, they love the world; so why shouldn’t the world love them?

If you meet a leo and you don’t like them, is that more about them or about you?

Of course, there are like any other sign of the zodiac positive and negative traits to the sign, but for leo there is also three dominant personas of the Leo; The Lion, The Lioness and the Cub. I am very proud to be a Leo. I pretty much personify all the lovely qualities of the lioness and the cub identities… playful, creative, honest, loyal, generous, proud, optimistic and protective of my own or those I see as needing advocacy. HOORAY for being Leo!!! \o/

So as I revel in my Leo-ness I am thrilled to be a part of this first Zodiac event held by Hottie Cooterati 😀 I’ve worked for AGES on this lion, he’s super cute I think and I hope does some justice to some of the characteristics of Leo. He comes with three inbuilt scenes which pose both the lion and your avatar.

I really hope you enjoy this wonderful event as much as I have enjoyed putting this little guy together (okay, I’m going to try and forget the week I spent painting the pads on his feet which you don’t even see in any of the poses LOL… please cam around if you feel the need!). Leo is the sign to be enjoyed by the open hearted, the joyful and child within us all.



P.S. The amazing pic for the Lion ad was done by the lovely and talented Freyja Nemeth who is all kinds of awesome ❤