Really Challenged Goth…yup, I admit it…


Taste the Rainbow Hunt!!!! it’s fanfaerytastic! so, I got an invite to be in this awesomtastic event, and it’s been really fun 😀 

Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum suggested ages ago that I make a butterfly hang glider… so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that… 

Please to meet Franklin C. Flutterbye 😀

ImageHe’s a the hunt gift at Studio Sidhe main store! 😀 

To find out more about the hunt, the other stores and all the amazing prizes check out this post!

Hope you enjoy!



P.S. Told you I was a challenged goth…


Old pic of my avi LOL 

On that note….see you later…. happy hunting! 😀




Swingin’ around, hoping you don’t have hay allergies…

Hi Everyone!

MASSIVELY HUGE TIME RIGHT NOW…requiring all capitals of course because of the HUGENESS!!!! (with requisite excess of exclamation marks!!!!!!)


The Challenge! This month the theme is GARDENS!!!!! (okay, capitalisation and excess exclamation marks look a bit wrong with the whole concept of gardens… but I’m going with it!)


And there is of course a story to go with it! 

Ever since I have been in sl I have wanted to make a clothes line like this. Flippa Stella can tell you a hilarious story that involved me accidentally attaching a very dodgy looking alpha’d texture of the top of a clothes line that I had made to my head when I tried to rez it, then when I tried to detach it I accidentally deleted half of the building platform I had at much frequented sandbox at the time LOL Deleting the platform sent both myself and Flippa plummeting to the ground, me with the top of the clothes line still attached to my head. Fun times! LOL 😀

So… this clothes line is a dream come true, and has come into being largely through the help of some friends… 

Paco Pooley of 22769 (Really must ask the boys where they came by that name…or is it their PIN number, or a combination to some secret room that hides all their talent??? hmm, interesting!) who made this amazing clothes line for me!!!! yes he did! In all it’s meshy goodness 😀 Thank you!!!!! 

Ola Chesnokov of oOo Studio who completely rescued me when the scripts for this thing decided to hate me and not work.  Thank you Ola!!!!!!! 

and of course, Naomi Edenflower and Jenica Landar who I nearly always call on… ladies, you’re awesome! 

Okay! Now that you know I really had VERY little to do with this beyond concept and poses… and rallying really talented and awesome people together to make this all happen (okay, that’s quite a bit, but still, wouldn’t have happened without these people!) lets get to the details!

The clothesline spins (be pretty dodgy if it didnt!) with touch on/off and there are 3 poses to choose from… and caters for up to 3 avatars at a time 🙂 

Available at Studio Sidhe main store for bargain event price of $250L for the month of July.

AND NEXT!!!!!! 

The legendary sim Koreshan is hosting the FIRST EVER annual Hillbilly Hoedown & Country Fair starting tomorrow!!!!! It’s awesome fun with amazing original fair games, and heaps of things to see and do! … 


I’ve made something for the Balloon game where you throw darts and try and pop balloons to win prizes… it’s very cool, and I think Choco might have a leeeeeetle bit of an addiction to it. But shoosh, we don’t want to have him develop a complex about it! 


I made this Hillbilly Tribute Snowglobe because obviously I felt that hillbilly snowglobes where underrepresented in the SL market. You can win this fine bit of fun for $25L a try…with very very fun and quirky prizes as well! 😀

To join in the fun go to Koreshan tomorrow! It’s going to be AWESOME FUN!!!!!!! 

Hope you enjoy! 



First pic: 

Jen: Better ask her

Naomi: Also ask her


Top: Schadenfreude 

Shorts: Fuse Melon (COME BACK AEMS!!!!!!) 

Boots: DECO… quick get them at Collab88 they are amazing! Get the fat pack, it’s okay if you don’t like pink too, just delete it and be happy with all the other fun colours! 😀

Hair: SLink

Skin: League

Location: Jen’s garden

Bottom Pic: 

Top: Schadenfreude

Overalls: fashionably dead

Boots: Deco… have you got them yet??? 

Hair: SLink

Skin: League

 Hat: Riders Straw Cowboy Hat – Complimentary … perfect for hoedown and FREE!!! IKR. Marketplace *winks* 


The Mahrathon is BACK!!!! :D

The annual music marathon is back again! Come on down to the Velvet and listen to the ever astounding set of eclectic sounds from DJ Maht Wuyts. Raising money for Heifer International –

Come and join us at The Velvet for 26.2 hour set, great music, entertainment and fun… while helping out a wonderful cause!

I’ll be hosting between 5-6pm AEST which is…. um… 11pm and Midnight SLT (I think) LOL

❤ Faery

Libra…wield the sword of justice!


Hi Everyone!

I’m loving the Zodiac events! For me the signs give never ending inspiration… for this one; Libra, I went with the Justice card from the Major Arcana. The card that corresponds with Libra. 

I hope the Librans out there love this… I love how it’s turned out, with all the regal power and feminine majesty that I had hoped for! 

The prop itself is the 1 prim stone, which you touch to receive your sword and scales to wear while you pose on the rock. Easy! and delightfully prim-light for me! LOL

You can get the Libra Tribute -Justice pose prop from the Zodiac event for the duration of Libra at the reduced price of 100L. 




Dress: Caverna Obscura

Hair: Discord Designs

Skin: PXL

Location: My place! (Studio Sidhe Mainstore)