Really Challenged Goth…yup, I admit it…


Taste the Rainbow Hunt!!!! it’s fanfaerytastic! so, I got an invite to be in this awesomtastic event, and it’s been really fun 😀 

Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum suggested ages ago that I make a butterfly hang glider… so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that… 

Please to meet Franklin C. Flutterbye 😀

ImageHe’s a the hunt gift at Studio Sidhe main store! 😀 

To find out more about the hunt, the other stores and all the amazing prizes check out this post!

Hope you enjoy!



P.S. Told you I was a challenged goth…


Old pic of my avi LOL 

On that note….see you later…. happy hunting! 😀