Really Challenged Goth…yup, I admit it…


Taste the Rainbow Hunt!!!! it’s fanfaerytastic! so, I got an invite to be in this awesomtastic event, and it’s been really fun 😀 

Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum suggested ages ago that I make a butterfly hang glider… so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that… 

Please to meet Franklin C. Flutterbye 😀

ImageHe’s a the hunt gift at Studio Sidhe main store! 😀 

To find out more about the hunt, the other stores and all the amazing prizes check out this post!

Hope you enjoy!



P.S. Told you I was a challenged goth…


Old pic of my avi LOL 

On that note….see you later…. happy hunting! 😀




The Mannequin


The Mannequin

Out Now for The Challenge event!
* Pose Stand w 3 Poses
* 1 half skin on tattoo layer (top half
* 1 alpha layer (bottom half)
(Tattoo layer is mod so you can change transparency or tint, stand is also mod :))

Available at Studio Sidhe main store for the special event price of $125L



Faery fun…um…sandwich :)

Faery Sandwich - Trio pose

Hi everyone!

New trio pose out now at:

Studio Sidhe

& on the

Market Place


❤ Faery


Pose: Studio Sidhe – Faery Sandwich

Faery is wearing:

Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* ERIN Turquoise with Deviance-PirateMate-Pants-Green

Wings: Deviance-sunset-Fairy Wings v2

Eyes: -SbZ-  EyeFidelity RealEyes Sharbat & Sharbat Bright

Skin: [Gauze] Female Mercenary Skins  – Natural

Ear Cuffs:  Slink Elfin Earcuffs

Hair: Slink Nicolette Hair Sorrel

Craiced is wearing:

Outfit:  Zanzo

Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Skin: [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 1B-E_] [_FAUX_] SHAVED

Hair:Uncleweb Studio – [Uw.7R] Rush-Hair size-L Meteoric

Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears

Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: main shop *eF* RE:earth-(S)

Special thank you to Myhns Mayo for posing for this pic 🙂

New Group Gift and Competition to Celebrate What Your Mates Mean to You!

Straight Up - Mates Pose 2

Valentines day is seriously nigh, and that day means a lot of different things to a lot of different people… and that’s cool.

To me Valentines day isn’t a big thing, but if I wanted it to mean something it would be love and appreciation, not limited to some romantic love interest, but to the institution of what love is, and what it means in our world… for me I think of my mates 🙂

This year I’d like to celebrate by releasing a mates pose that I was inspired to make and have dedicated to two of my mates in SL; Jenica Lander and Naomi Edenflower… they’re all sorts of awesome, I love them both and love spending time with them. I love lots about them, but one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of them is that while they are loads and loads of fun they are also straight up! and that’s what this release is called Straight Up!


So, what about the competition you ask?

EASY! this pose is set as a group gift in store, all you have to do is join the Studio Sidhe inworld group to get it:

Studio Sidhe Inworld Group

Then click on the group gift vendor next ot the main entrance of our store.


There is a $100L fee to join the group… but a mates pose which is also a competition entry piece for $100L is pretty awesome I think! 🙂 Of course, if you’re one of the sensible people of good taste in sl you might already be in the group… in that case you are totally set! haha XD

Okay, so! Competition conditions and details!


What you need to do to enter:


1/ Take a pic which depicts you and your mate, or what mates mean to you, or something that personifies those ideals. Using the Straight Up! poses of course!

2/ Throw your full perm pic into a notecard that is entitled:

Straight Up Mates Competition! [Your name] and tell us what this pic depicts about you and your mate, or the people shown.

3/ Place the notecard in the Mail Snail (shown in the attached pic above) in the Studio Sidhe main store.

4/ Do all this by the 14th of March which is the date the comp ends.

5/ Give me a week or so to pic a winner and you’ll be notified by notecard.

*** You can also add your pic to the Studio Sidhe Flickr group HERE


What you can win!

1st Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2-5 people pose) and $5000L store credit at Studio Sidhe

2nd Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2-3 people pose) and $3000L store credit at Studio Sidhe

3rd Place: Custom mates pose of your choice (2 person pose) and $1000L store credit at Studio Sidhe.

When notifications are announced (notecard sent to winners) through our blog, in world group and subscribo and Flickr, please send your ideas plus any reference pics to Faery Sola, who will have the final say on whether the concept is doable given some of SL’s avatar limitations, or if it’s just not appropriate to a mates theme.

That’s pretty much it… we love competitions and we love to see what people create… we also love people who come together in the spirit of fun and community… so please, if you’re unhappy for whatever reason with the judges decision, or whatever please keep it to yourself. Thank you 🙂

Have fun! 🙂

Faery Sola
Boss of everything at Studio Sidhe XD

PS: Thank you to  Jeanie Waydelich for organising and posing with her mate for the ad pic 🙂

Studio Sidhe at the 2011 Jewelry Fair! :D

Hi Everyone!

I have some soleless sandals… filled to the brim with soul. Bombshell! they’re Studio Sidhe; of course they are! 😀

I had such fun making the textures for these, painting beads is one of my favourite things to do LOL no sure what that says about me, but there you go 😀

5 variations available at the fair, with another one in the Oxfam charity vendor with 50% of all those sales going to the awesome cause that is Oxfam!

The sandals have been made to go with SLink bare feet (low), they will go all crazy if you try wearing them without prim feet of some sort.

Studio Sidhe @ the Jewelry Fair


PS OMG, I just realised I’ve spelled “sandals” incorrectly on ALL my ads… go me. I could pretend that english is my second language, but it’s just not the case… I choose to blame the mad rush in getting this all done and out. Apologies to the spelling police. I’ll fix them when I get time. Thanks! 😀